We often hear people from different walks of life pass a common remark ‘School Days are the Best’. But how do we make the students realise that these ‘formation years’ are the best they can experience during their lifetime. This objective was the driving force behind the ‘Here at Horizon Learning is Fun’ concept. We realise that the learning process is simplified when the learner is happy and hence the emphasis on adding the ‘happiness element’ to all aspects of learning is encouraged at Horizon. The emphasis is to ‘find happiness’ in the activities the students as well as teachers do and thus create happiness within and without. ‘Happy Students’ would progress to become ‘Happy Citizens’ and in turn contribute to building a ‘Happy India’.

Education should provide specific outcomes such that these ‘takeaways’ are internalised and are useful through life. We make a conscious effort to develop curiosity and nurture creativity among the students and thus divert ‘boredom’ and ‘weariness’ that is often associated with the process of learning. ‘Not knowing something’ is considered an opportunity at Horizon as it opens newer avenues to learn, unlearn, relearn and find answers to recurrent queries

Technological intervention is another important area advocated at Horizon to ensure active participation of students, teachers and parents, in the learning process. Children are taught to adhere to Cyber Safety norms while optimising technological assistance in the learning process. The Social Media Connect of the school communicates the efforts and activities of the students and teachers, to engage with the parents and the society. We actively encourage our parents to visit the school in person and actively participate in the activities to gain a first-hand experience.

The Horizon envisages a cultural tradition unique to our school and looks forward to the unflinching support of parents and teachers in realising this vision.

Mr. Gopakumar


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