For elementary levels up to grade 5, we are following the XSEED curriculum, a highly innovative and effective approach to education. This trend setting academic program builds thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children from the early stages. XSEED offers potential opportunities for children to ask more questions, write in their own words, solve word problems in mathematics, be self reliant in completing their homework on their own, speak-up in English without fear, persist longer in solving problems, and to come out in flying colours in tests. The coverage of topics in the XSEED program meets the requirements of major national boards(CBSE and ICSE), international boards(IB and IGCSE) and various state and matriculation boards. It aligns with existing national standards of CBSE by mapping the contents and topics with the NCERT syllabus and text books. XSEED is not an additional program or syllabus that needs to be implemented beyond class hours. It is a way of teaching that blends with the DAY to DAY teaching as part of the academic plan of the school. As part of the XSEED program, teachers and the school leaders and school leaders are trained on innovative teaching methods by providing them with practical tools and research-based materials for each topic.The application oriented student workbooks and reading material for children further complement this training.


For levels 6 to 10, we are following the CBSE curriculum with predominantly NCERT textbooks as prescribed by the board. With a centralised education system, a motto for uniformity among all its students across India and a worldwide recognition, CBSE’s education structure facilitates rigorous study and skills development simultaneously. Its compact structure makes it easier for students than other curricula, providing not only the fundamental knowledge and skill sets required for a child to move forward in terms of education, but also an edge over others in competitive exams for higher studies, since most of these exams are based on the CBSE syllabus.

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