We provide excellent facilities for students of all levels. Personalized care is taken and children are supported intellectually and provided an environment that is homely and safe with the help of caring teachers and support staff.

Children are offered healthy snacks and lunch and engaged in exciting projects and activities by members of the teaching/support staff.


The school has multimedia enabled class rooms with seamless power supply for all classes right from grade 4. All lessons are multimedia enabled in powerpoint mode with visual text and images, audio and video clips and presentations related to their lessons every period. Apart from this, for lower grades up to grade 3, there are dedicated smart classrooms where they enjoy multimedia extension of their daily lessons. The multi-media assisted smart classrooms enable students to enjoy their learning in pairs, groups, project and activity based sessions keeping them fully engrossed in the attainment of skills and competencies.


The Horizon School has a spacious, well-lit and airy library that caters to the needs of both children and staff.With various projects that encourage reading, the library is a place children love to spend time expanding their horizons through the wonderful world of books.


The school has a large dining hall where children are served both breakfast and lunch. Hygiene and nutrition are top priorities and surprise checks are made at the caterer’s kitchen to ensure their cleanliness when food is prepared, transported and served.


The school has a capacious and well maintained pool. A trained swimming instructor ensures the safety of the children and the imparting of essential training to the children in the right way. Each grade is given two hours at the pool per week. Over and above this, the splash pool available for the tiny tots is something they relish every week.

hz Observatory

The school has an observatory tower where the children can enjoy the scenic beauty of Kozhikode with a help of a telescope.

hz Basketball Court

The basketball court of the school also doubles up as a courtyard where children spend their valuable time whenever not in class. The physical education instructor engages the children in learning the nuances of the game during their allotted periods.

hz Obstacle Course

A unique feature of the school is its obstacle course where children learn the sense of balancing and timing, and also learn the importance of being physically fit and teamwork.

hz Infirmary

The school has an infirmary with a staff nurse, having over 30 years of experience in Europe. Children are under her expert care whenever the need arises. The infirmary is equipped with beds and all necessary amenities.

hz Play Ground

To complement our spacious and artistic education space, children have access to our top-of-the-range indoor play areas.

hz Transportation

Children are transported in the school buses from a radius of 40 to 80 Kms. daily to and fro the school campus.

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