31 May

Welcome you to the 2020 – 2021 school academic year!

By Assainar Tharakan

Dear parents, students and staff,
Warm greeting from the Horizon family!

I have immense pleasure to welcome you to the 2020 – 2021 school academic year. I am very excited to say that it is my second year at Horizon as your principal, more pleased than ever to serve you. Last academic year was a memorable one in the history of Horizon in many respects, especially in view of the various changes that were brought about both in the curricular as well as co-curricular circles and the array of colourful events organized throughout the year.

We took several steps to make the schooling experience better and more enjoyable for our students and staff, much to the satisfaction of the parent community as well. Quite definitely, we are capable of doing a lot more and we are on our path towards greater changes and developments this year. All this wouldn’t have been possible without your continued feedback, patronage, help and support and we always owe you for that.

As we are aware, the initiation of this academic year is bound to be an entirely different one and a new experience for us in the context of the devastation created by the covid 19 pandemic. Until the virus scare is completely wiped out, the academic scenario will have to resort to the digital and online mode.

Bearing this in mind, we have already adjusted and conditioned our minds to accept this reality of going digital and online. We believe that despite the odds, preparing the students with appropriate skills and competencies for the demands of tomorrow’s world is vital and we are steadily moving in that direction. Our online classes for all grades (LKG to Grade10) are going to be formally launched from tomorrow (Monday, June 1). Last week’s trial activities have been quite successful with an overwhelming student participation and contribution of creative works by them.
A number of new facilities are on the cards for us this year once the normalcy is restored. This includes more opportunities for students in various sports and extracurricular activities. The construction of the residential facility for students is fast nearing completion. The technological facilities are going to be further augmented and the window for inter-school competition opportunities will also be opened for students.

Last year we were fortunate enough to welcome our little darlings and youngsters with flowers and toffees on the reopening day, which makes us extremely nostalgic now. Hopefully, things will change soon and the moment of school community reunion will become a reality again. Until then, let us wait patiently and do things differently for the time being by constantly thinking out of the box so as to conquer newer methods and styles for advancement. As the saying goes, in every crisis, there is opportunity as well.

The Horizon School management and administration wish a great year ahead for all, and are earnestly looking forward to seeing us all together soon.
Thank you so much and best wishes.

Mr. Assainar Tharakan Abdalla



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