With spacious and vibrant learning areas surrounded by nature, The Horizon School is situated on a sprawling 15-acre campus. The campus provides opportunities for various sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Trekking, nature walks, outdoor learning time and other such activities also make learning an exciting thing at Horizon.


Dear students, parents, guardians and well-wishers of The Horizon School
Warm greetings from The Horizon family!

Here at The Horizon School we facilitate rewarding learning experiences to all our students with a view to ensuring their overall development in the domains of knowledge, ethics, life values, physical development, social skills and aesthetics according to each student’s individual potential, enabling them to become responsible social beings and dynamic citizens of the nation and the world. Every child is a miracle; every child is uniquely different and has a gift of his/her own to showcase in front of the world. I consider it a special privilege to be able to work with our awesome students who epitomise diverse learning skills, youthful dynamism, superb sportsman spirit and graceful manner and behaviour. We train them to lead healthy lifestyle with active participation in physical and aesthetic activities through games, athletics, swimming, art, music etc. in a safe and secure environment. Our highly committed and competent team of teachers are keen on catering to the needs of our learners with a positive and caring frame of mind. They are keen on nurturing learning behaviours in our learners such as taking ownership of their learning, viewing mistakes as learning opportunities, positive peer collaboration, and setting goals. Our management has the rich tradition and heritage of empowering generations through establishing and running various prestigious educational institutions of eminent stature for several decades and, as such, they are in the relentless pursuit for incorporating the best and the most sophisticated educational facilities in our school. Together, we will leave no stones unturned in ensuring that quality education is being imparted to our learners through smart work and self-empowerment keeping abreast with the ever changing global trends.

Mr. Assainar Tharakan


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